Estimates & Local Authority Applications

Estimates are provided free of charge. Once the estimate is approved, we deal with the local authority applications.


  • Crown reduction: Reducing the height and width of canopy.
  • Crown thinning: Maintain existing shape of canopy whilst reducing its density.
  • Crown lifting: Removal of the lower branches in the canopy
  • All work is undertaken in accordance with British Standards 3998:2010


Under normal circumstances, in an urban environment, a tree is felled by first removing all the branches and then cutting the stem (trunk) down in small sections from the top down.

Inspections & Reports

  • Visual tree assessment: Inspection of the tree from the ground in order to assess its health and structural integrity.
  • Climbing inspection: As above, but from within the tree to gain a more detailed assessment.

Insurance Cover

  • Public Liability £5 million
  • Employer’s Liability £10 million
  • Professional Indemnity £2 million